Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Chief can cook!!

Yesterday I had a very long and busy day. The Cisco Kid is growing out of everything so fast. We went shopping and bought him some shoes and clothes. After we left the Mall, I went to my booth and put some items in there. We didn't get home until 4:00 and I was too tired to cook. The chief took over and made a wonderful meal.

He made garlic red mashed potatoes, brown mushroom gravy, buttered peas and grilled steak. 
It was so good!!!!
For the past two month The Cisco kid has been eating the same dinners that we eat. In the past I have been one of those moms that made a separate meal for my son. He would argue and disagree when I tried to serve him what we ate and instead of arguing with him it was easier to make him a separate meal. I had to pick my battles and fighting at dinner was not one I wanted to pick. All he would eat for the main course is; chicken Tenders, grilled cheese, pizza, hamburgers or hotdogs. For the sides he would only eat; peas, raw carrots and corn. Other foods were yogurt, PB& J, and he does go through two gallons of milk a week. Now I am not going to go through the potato chip and desert group. He will ditch all of the above for those in a second. Two months ago I came to the end of my rope and told him that I am tired of cooking two different meals every night and he was going to eat what we ate. I told him, it was not up for debate or discussion he was going to eat what we ate!!!! I am relieved to say he is eating Teriyaki grilled chicken, BBQ grilled tenderloin, grilled steak. I am still working on the vegetable part of it but at least the main course is much healthier than what he ate in the past.


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