Tuesday, March 16, 2010


A dear friend had given me this Ebelskiver Recipe book with pan about five months ago. Sadly!!!! This is the first time I have used it. I made some cheeseburger Ebelskivers and Manwich Ebelskivers. All I could say is that they were so good. This is my new found pan. The book has some really great recipes and I find myself thinking of new and inventive ideas to use for a great tasty center. This is one of those great items that William Sonoma sells.
Instead of making the batter from scratch, I used Bisquick.
I added a small amount of cheese to the batter. 
Slightly let the batter cook.
Add the ground beef.
Add cheese.
Flip the cheeseburger.
I had some extra ground beef left over and I decided to put Manwich in the beef.  I then filled the Ebelskivers with the Manwich mixture. 
They turned out really good. 
I think that by adding a slightly moist filling was really so much better. 
As you can see, we enjoyed them.   


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